Vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor

This post is a backup from a guide that was originally posted by Nery on the forums of Grim Dawn. I don’t intend to take any credit out of it, I just reproduced it here for safe keeping reasons. I’d hate to lose it because of some forum pruning.

The guide is of lesser quality than the Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist I posted a few days ago but the build is effective and fun to play. I’ll eventually correct the original text, some day. For the moment, it is exactly as it was originally posted by Nery on the official forums.


Opressor (Oathkeeper+ Necromancer) is one of the new class combos in FG. Usually, when you create a build, you check what resistant reduction both classes have in common.
Both classes reduce vitality resistance of monsters, so it’s good way to start. Further, the Dark One set is fast to farm because it drops from from specific mobs. Also, other items are obtained from factions or can be crafted, with some cheap greens too. This build is excellent for players who have one or two chars and want to go to the next level and farm cool end game gear.
With this leveling guide, it is possible to use this build for a first character. Big thanks to Malawiglenn, the incredible guy who theorycrafted this build and creates so many excellent beginners guides, which I use for point of reference! Thanks also to Cutestory who managed to save my build and ease the process of recovery after the rollback.

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Season 17 Monk Levelling

This post is a collection of advices from various sources (Icy Veins & TeamBRG). The tables show where to equip the skills if you play Diablo 3 on a PC, but the build can also be use for any version of the game.

A few tips

  • Start the game on Hard difficulty;
  • Once you reach level 8, craft a blue 2H axe. Then at level 16, craft the highest possible 2-handed axe you can to significantly increase your damage output. Don’t forget to “train” your Blacksmith to its highest possible level as often as you can. And occasionally check for craftable axe;
  • Red gems (Ruby) should always be combined as much as possible as it’s the best gem to put in BOTH your Helmet and Weapon during the leveling up phase. Green gems (Emerald), for additional Dexterity, go into any other open socket;
  • Get Leoric’s Crown, but not before level 23. It means that you shouldn’t kill him at all before you reach that level. Once you have the crown, slot it with the highest red gem you can combine and use it until level 70;
  • Use the Templar as follower as soon as possible;
  • The best skills of the Templar are all the skills on the left.

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Fighting Fantasy Character Sheets

Here is a collection of printable character sheets you can use with the Fighting Fantasy books, so you don’t have to ruin your books:

Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist

This post is a backup from a guide that was originally posted by Ceruleansong on the forums of Grim Dawn. I don’t intend to take any credit out of it, I just reproduced it here for safe keeping reasons. I’d hate to lose it because of some forum pruning.


All credit for this build goes to Nightmare, who created a brief guide originally here. Also, shout out to JoV for tweaking the build into what I ended up using. His post is here.

This build is incredibly new player friendly: I personally piloted it through all Campaign content, i.e. all quests in each difficulty including all secret quest chains/bosses (without using items I’ve gained on other characters in shared stash). I also got up to 120 in Gladiator Crucible. What makes this particularly appealing for new players is that it requires absolutely no farming or specific lucky equipment drops to make work, nor do you have to spend a lot of time figuring out what rare or epic items to wear to maximize your potential (if you have, say, only some of the required items for an end game build). You can literally purchase every piece of gear in this build from faction quartermasters with the requisite reputation, which you’ll get by simply playing through the campaign.

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Tracking Quests Completion

Yesterday, while we were doing our dailies in Kul Tiras, Sisqi couldn’t remember if she had already completed a quest that pops up when you kill some specific mobs. If you ever ask yourself the same question, there is a command line to check if a specfic quest has already been completed.

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(50897))

You only need to replace “50897” by the number of the quest, which can be found on Wowhead. Simply search for the quest, then copy the number from the url:

If it returns false, you never completed it, while true means you already did.

The Grizzly Report #1

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly report, a serie of weekly posts narrating our adventures in Azeroth.

Nobelgarden edition

This week, we’ve been catching back on the main quest lines of Battle for Azeroth, we both completed the war campaign and the pride of Kul Tiras.

Jaina became such a badass!
Golthor blowing things up with Jaina…

We’ve also unlocked the Void Elves and the Lightforged Draenei allied races. We honestly thought that the Void Elves would be our favourite, since we’re not really fans of Draenei… Well, it didn’t turn out that way, helping T’paartos completing his trial was hillarious. That got us wondering: where is he now? Hopefully, we’ll cross him again…

Our new friend

Then, we embarked on an amazing quest: the Dwarf heritage armour. There’s no secret here, we’re Dwarfs fans. Having us helping to restore an ancient Dwarf armour with the help of the furnace master was a total hit. We’ve been talking about it almost every day as one of our favourite quest ever.

Visiting the old Ironforge was amazing
Sisqi in excellent company
Having us crafting our own armour was amazing!

It was also Nobelgarden and we went back to our favourite chocolate farming spot: Goldhsire. We both collected the 500 chocolates required to purchase the new toy (the Nobelgarden Heartstone) and the 5 new spring circlets. The funny thing with Nobelgarden is that we often see it as a chore that disrupts our questing, but, when we’re transformed as rabbits running amidst the chaos that is the egg hunt, we’re enjoying it very much.

You know you’re heading to Goldshire when…
250 chocolates for 5 circlets, totally worth it!
250 chocolates to hearthstone in style

Voilà, that’s all folks! More next week.

Tiragarde Sound

Until now, I’ve absolutely loved questing and levelling in BfA. Upon my arrival in Boralus, I started my adventure in Tiragarde Sound. There was an instant click with the new content, one that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I found myself stopping everywhere to admire the beauty of the landscapes and the details that Blizzard has spent so much time creating. Also, the music is mesmerizing. Every morning, I wake up with the Boralus theme song in my head, a great start for my days.

One of the first quest chains that I did lead me to the encounter with the kraken, Viq’Goth at Anglepoint Warf. I absolutely loved to take part in defending the sea gate. It reminded me of Tethyr, the kraken that attacked Theramore. It already was one of my favourite quests, imagine my surprise when I discovered the leviathan theme in this new expansion. As a huge Cthulhu fan, I was ecstatic.

I also enjoyed saving sailors from the siren songs, uncovering the betrayal of Lady Ashvane, and horseriding in the Norwington Estate,… So many great quests in this zone that are already creating fond memories. With a special mention to the side quests of The Roughnecks. They’re probably my favourite Tiragarde quests, from shaving goats, to gathering honey, and killing wendigos… I had a fun adventure which lead to the meeting of the majestic Wildhammer Dwarf, Boss Tak.

Description: With a performance like that, it’s clear you’re one of the top dogs here. Boss Tak will want to see you. He’s up north checking on one of our camps in Waning Glacier. Head up that way and give him a hand. Oh, and I don’t recommend looking him straight in the eye… or at his feet… or really anywhere near him. Best bet, close your eyes when you’re talkin’ to him. – Wow-pedia

I can’t help but chuckle at this description. What can I say? I have a certain fondness for Dwarves.

Now off to explore Drustvar and Stormsong Valley. The adventure continues…

We’re finally home

Dwarfs rule and I’ve fixed the captions, I’m so happyyyy!

After a far too long break from WoW, we have finally resubbed… Only with a few twists:

  • We’re back to the Alliance. During our time away from WoW, we’ve missed the Alliance the most, with its forests and its cosy inns. Also, Kul Tiras looks fantastic, it is perfectly on spot with our idea of fantasy;
  • After many experiments with other classes, we’ve decided to keep maining our hunters. The deciding factor is the fun. On top of the many advantages of the class, our hunters are dwarfs and, if you’d know us in real life, you’d know that we’re all about dwarfs;
  • The last one is a biggy: we want to keep away from the negativity train. While we didn’t stay away from WoW because of the negativity, we were certainly afraid to come back because of it. Honestly, the game is a total blast to us and we have so many things to do in it, that we don’t care if some parts are less fun than others. To that end, we’re trying to be more selective with the people we follow, that’s why we’ve started new Twitter accounts. Sometimes, a reset is all you need…

Oh, and our guild and blog are now called “The Sleeping Grizzly”, which is the name of the fictional tavern in our stories (you know dwarves and their taverns).

See you in Azeroth.

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