Kingslayer Orkus

A few times a year, I manage to forget my lack of time and decide to re-roll. It happened again a few days ago when I started a new paladin. I enjoy these moments because they make me revisit the old content and remind me of quests that I had completely forgotten about.

That’s exactly what happened when I was levelling around Southshore and stumbled upon an old friend: Kingslayer Orkus of the guild “Red Like My Rage” (lol).

This awesome quest chain is without a doubt my favourite one ever created. The remembrance of that goofy Orc still brings tears to my eyes, but I won’t spoil anything 😉 If you’ve never completed this chain before, I highly recommend you do! Just fly to “the Ruins of Southshore” where you’ll find Orkus “drowning” in the water. He’ll give you the first quest to an awesome adventure!

The Netherwing

The Netherwing

We have both completed our reputation grind with the Netherwing (already my third time). When we started the dailies, we didn’t know that one of the Nether Drakes would be a requirement for the new dragon achievement in Warlords of Draenor.

At the begining, the Sandstone Drake was part of the meta but, following a recent tweet of Jonathan LeCraft, it has been replaced by the purple Nether Drake.

So, if you are arriving in Shattrath after hitting exalted with the Netherwing and you don’t know which Nether Drake to pick, the one that will give you the purple Nether Drake is Malfas.

An amazing sunday morning


Look who visited us on our server this sunday morning… We first met at the Razor Hill’s inn, then we travelled through a lot of phasing and trees in the face to finally arrive in Winterspring where we had a great time dancing, chatting and taking screenshots.

Navimie even had an amazing surprise for us both. So, Navimie, if you’re reading this… Thank you for everything 😉