The autopsy of Jane Doe

When the police investigate the site of a triple murder, they find the body of a woman, half buried in the basement of the house. The body is brought to the local morgue for post-mortem examination.

During my last year of Criminology at the University, I had to do an internship with the Forensic team. For a few months, I’ve spent my time at the morgue, assisting during autopsies. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I’ve never found it disgusting or creepy, only scientifically interesting.

I am very glad that I didn’t see this movie during my internship though… Of all the things that could possibly go wrong during an autopsy, this one I would have never imagined.

I won’t spoil the plot but I can tell you that the autopsy of Jane Doe gave us a few chills. The story is well paced and the actors are convincing. We especially enjoyed to see an horror movie that, for once, doesn’t happen in a haunted house, a creepy forest or a torture chamber.


The trailer of “Abattoir” (“Slaughterhouse” in French) looked so promising. A family gets brutally murdered in their house, and haunt the place ever since. At least that’s what I thought this movie would be about. I guess that I’ve never been so wrong about something in my entire life.

The story was bad, they tried to do something original, but failed miserably. It’s predictable, way too slow, and the dialogues are pointless. Halfway through the movie, I started to feel itchy and restless in my couch. When I looked at Gamrok, he was struggling not to fall asleep.

I also didn’t like any of the characters. The detective and the reporter apparently had some history. Unfortunately, the chemestry wasn’t there, and they completely failed to unfold whatever there was/is between them. The acting was generally bad.

My biggest disappointment (if it could get any worse) was the lack, or better said, the non-existence of jump scares. I’m a scaredy cat, and a horror movie that doesn’t make me jump, is a fail. I realize that I use the word “fail” a lot in this post, but that’s what this movie is, one big failboat. Do yourself a favor, and skip on this one.

My Side of the Portal

Diablo 1 was the first time that I’ve truly been passionate about a game. From the moment that Diablo was installed on my PC, all I could think about was going to Tristram and fight the legions of evil. At that time, I had just entered university and I completely failed my first year. Even if it delayed my professional life for a year, it was worth it because it gave me one of my best gaming remembrances.

When Diablo 2 came out, I got infected with the same virus. The sequel was even better and, for many years, I’ve been living in click heaven.

Unfortunately, even if they managed to make something enjoyable out of Diablo 3, Blizzard didn’t succeed at recreating the ambiance from the first two episodes. They made jokes about the excessive use of flashy colours, but they failed to provide the sequel I was waiting for.
I long believed that such a task was impossible, that my expectations were simply too high. The Darkening of Tristram proved me wrong. The retro graphics, the character animations and the old music really did the trick for me.

Blizzard gave us an awesome way to celebrate and, for a month, I probably had more fun in Diablo 3 than I had since the game was released.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

A widowed mother runs a scam business, together with her two daugthers. All goes well until a Ouija board is added to bring something new into their performance. Soon, evil spirits are unleached, and the youngest daughter gets possessed.

All is there to make an excellent horror movie: the casting, the story, the 60’s vibe,… Everything starts off really well, you get to know the characters, and the tension builds up nicely. Unfortunately, at a certain point, things get rushed. From the moment we know that an evil nazi doctor and his tortured patients are involved, the movie ends in a bit over 20 minutes. However, I’ve been hiding quite a few times behind my pillow, and felt pretty uncomfortable before going to bed.

Be sure to watch the movie until the end credits are over, horror geeks are in for a big surprise. Totally worth the watch.

Amityville Terror

There I was sitting in my coach, excited to watch a creepy Amityville. Boy, was I wrong. The first five minutes I even thought that we got the wrong movie. It’s basically a cheap rip off of the original title.

In my opinion, they added the word “Amityville” to encourage people to watch. Poor acting, poor storyline, even more poorly CGI (my eyes are still bleeding), in short: poor everything. The only things I liked throughout the entire movie were Haileys’ crossbow and dirt bike.

Something that disturbed me greatly was the age of the actors. The mother, father, aunt, and daughter almost look like they all have the same age. It was hard for me to picture Hailey (daughter) as a schoolgirl while she clearly has the looks of a young adult. This fact only made the movie not credible from the beginning. Too often, it looked like they just picked up a camera, and made all up along the way. The scene where Hailey goes to some place with her loverboy, and starts shooting with her crossbow, just like that, no aim, no nothing. All I could think about was: stop that! You’re going to poke someones’ eye out.

Like I’ve said the movie was bad, but we’ve watched it until the end anyway. So, if you ever come across this title, just leave it under the rock from whence it came.

Path of Exile

My husband discovered Path of Exile in its’ early beta. Since we both love hack ‘n slash games, we couldn’t resist and we joined the gory ride. After a long break from the game, we finally decided to roll another character, and try to go as far as we could.

At the moment, I’m following NeverSink’s Indepth Tornado & Archer Guide. Until Act 4 in “Cruel” difficulty, this build was going pretty smooth for me. I could clear about anything really fast with minimum gear requirements. I realize now that the fact that I didn’t need great gear at the beginning is why I started having a bit more difficulties later on. I feel like I constantly need to tiptoe through each dungeon. But I’m almost in “Merciless”, and I dinged level 60 last night.

My focus on the game is to first finish cruel, then check how to craft gear and flasks. Hopefully better gear will drop in merciless because I won’t give up this character until I’ve finished each and every boss in the last difficulty!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kick Malachais’ ass *evil grin*.

Fear The Walking Drama

Following the second season of Fear the Walking Dead, when you arrive in Mexico, you first stumble upon death worshipers, then you meet drug bandits and, finally, you end up with religion extremists. But, hey, it’s a zombie TV show… So, who cares about realism, right?!

Believe me, that’s not where the season failed for me, it happened way before, as just as we first see Chris and Travis’s family drama. It was soooo boring that we considered several times skipping the show. But we’re Walking Dead fans, so we kept on watching…

All in all, the show is bad. Plenty of scenes are badly acted. The rythm is constantly interrupted by bad drama scenes, whether between Madison and her daughter or between Travis and his son. Chris is a hateable character, he’s a moron who deserves a bullet between the eyes right since the begining.

I’m glad that we still have the second half of the real Walking Dead to watch this year because this show really didn’t live up to its expectations. There is something else that made me happy in this season but, beware, it’s a spoiler.

Best scene of the show: Chris being executed by his new “friends” not long after he chose them over his own dad. In your face, Chris!