Rings is a pretty scary movie. Not for it’s effects, nor for the creepy apparition, but for that feeling of impending doom. You know that once you’ve watched the video, you’re going to die and there’s no way to run or hide from it. Something that scares me like hell.

I know that the movie received a lot of negative critisism saying that the story deviated too much from its’ original version. Me, on the other hand, found it refreshing to watch another version which left room for some elements of surprise and a nice plottwist at the end.

Another surprise was to watch Johnny Galecki playing another role than the famous Leonard Hofstadter in the Big Bang Theory. Unlike “Sheldon” (Jim Parsons), he managed to play a completely different character. All in all, the casting was excellent.

If you like movies like “It follows”, you most likely will like this one as well.

The Boy

You travel to UK to take a job as babysitter. When you arrive, you realize that the kid you must babysit is, in fact, a doll and that the parents are obviously missing a few screws. Hoping for the best, you accept the job… (here comes the pitch that no one had seen coming) After a few days, you notice that something is odd with the doll.

Any stupid idea can be turned into a great movie. It isn’t the case with “The Boy”.

Wouldn’t have it been for Lauren Cohen, we wouldn’t have made it until the end. Unfortunately, good acting isn’t always enough to compensate a bad movie.

The Invitation

This movie is very well rated everywhere on the “great horror websites”, it’s a trap! I’m gonna spoil this one and I do it for your own good: You have to assist to an old friend reunion, a very depressive one. The kind of dinner I’d dread to be invited to, where people talk about their depression, the way they fought it, they play stupid games, laugh and cry,… The only thing that makes you keep watching it is the feeling that something bad is about to happen. And guess what, it happens (what a shock), but, to see it, you have to go through a solid hour of depressive boredom.

I’d advise you to save your evening and fast forward this movie to the end… Unfortunately, even the final scene isn’t that good. Better skip the entire movie and watch something else.

Oh, and I forgot, that woman on the picture chooses, as a way to commit suicide, to shoot herself in the belly. Just as you think that it can’t get worse…

The Walking Dead – Season 7

A strong start and a few good episodes plagued by crappy, never-ending, scenes about people crying. Wake up, it’s the zombie apocalypse!

Ok, I get it, people have feelings… But Carol is over-the-top! Her whining scenes are unbearable and it ruins the rythm of the show.

I could re-title this season to: The good (Negan), the boring (Carol) and the wtf (Jadis and her gang).

If they continue to lure me with a strong start, only to let me down half way through the season, I’ll be very tempted to do like Negan: