The Riddler’s Mind-Worm

A few months ago, screenshots of this mysterious mount were popping up from everywhere on my twitter feed. Granted, I thought it looked pretty ugly, but I got very curious nonetheless.

Apparently, in order to get this mount, you have to solve a puzzle that consists of riddles where you have to hunt down pages across Azeroth in a certain order. Thanks to the Secret Finding Discord Community and the online guide of Nightswifty, we managed to get the Riddler’s Mind-Worm in no time.

I still wonder how anyone could have possibly solved this puzzle, I completely fail to see the logic. Anyway, I love to explore and I find it exciting to know that there are still hidden secrets in the game. I wonder how many more of these are there, ready to be discovered… Maybe, one day, another genius mind will uncover another mystery in Azeroth.

In the meantime, here is an ordered list of the pages and where to find them:

  • Page 9 …of Sea, Spirit and self… : Inside Legerdemain Lounge ground floor on the bookshelf in Dalaran.
  • Page 78 …first of lords to fall… : Duskwood, on the table near the moonwell in Twilight Grove.
  • Page 161 …the wind, the eye… : Inside Firelands, on the left wall of the Ragnaros platform.
  • Page 655 …the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon… : East of the Lost City of the Tol’vir : between the two small trees.
  • Page 845 …in snow, sand, and stone… : In the Sha of Pride room from Siege of Orgrimmmar (in the far back left corner of the room).
  • Page 1127 …behold the battle, unblinking… : Inside the Well of Eternity dungeon from Caverns of Time (on the first stairs).
  • Page 2351…bejeweled watcher… : Near the Shado-Pan Monastery in Kun-Lai Summit : Between the paws of the left tiger stature.
  • Page 5555 …ray of sunrise… : Uldum : at the base of the statue.
  • Gift of the Mind-Seeker is found on the west coast of Westfall (hidden in a little boat wreck).

Note that you have to finish all before the weekly reset, otherwise you’ll have to restart from scratch. Unlike the rumours spread all over the internet, this doesn’t take much time at all and is easily soloable. I had much fun doing this with Gamrok one Sunday afternoon (no, it didn’t require the entire afternoon!) and I would gladly do something like this again, once presented!

Happy hunting!

Midsummer Fire Festival 2017

An afternoon is all it took to collect the 850 burning blossoms required for the new pet and the new toy.

Our hunters honored and desecrated the fires of Legion, Draenor, Northrend and Outland in order to collect the first 500 burning blossoms. We were short of 20, so we had to go to Hyjal and Twilight Highlands. Finally, we could go to Orgrimmar and buy the set of matches.

That’s the official version of what happened. Another version, however, is that Gamrok is so hot, he caught fire…

Our druids did almost the same tour to collect the remaining 350 burning blossoms, but they didn’t have to go further than Grizzly Hills, they had enough to buy the Igneous Flameling.

Yes, we made all our screenshots in the snow. Today was actually the first day that we could play World of Warcraft after almost 10 days of heatwave. It was still very hot, but it felt so good to play again. Our only wish is that we could have rolled ourselves in the snow of Frostire Ridge.

Underlight Angler

One of the things I love to do in World of Warcraft is “Fishing”. So, when they told me there would be a fishing artifact for Legion, I was absolutely thrilled. The only thing that worried me a little bit were the rumours about how hard it was to get it and that it required an insane amount of fishing. None of that was true!

Already while leveling, I was quite curious to see that famous floating island northwest of Dalaran and our new fishing hero named Conjurer Margos. I directly fished up a fair amount of Drowned Mana on the island to buy “Arcane Lure” from Margos and used that everytime I went fishing.

With the “Arcane Lure” active, you can catch rare bait that grants you a buff in order to catch the rare fish which are needed for the achievement “Bigger Fish to Fry”. What normally should have been a so called long and painful process, was actually a pretty fast and fun way to complete this achievement. Most of the rare baits just give a two minute buff, but some were pretty special and added a funny note to the usual fishing experience.

Once you’ve reached level 110 and completed the “Bigger Fish to Fry” achievement, you can fish up a Luminous Pearl. This pearl can only be caught in pools and will start the quest chain to obtain the fishing artifact. Follow its instructions and head over to Khadgar (Dalaran), he’ll give you the quest “The Dalaran Fountain”, which sends you to Marcia Chase. Once you turn this in, a pearl will appear in the fountain.

Normally, Nat Pagle should appear and offer you the “Fish Frenzy” quest. Note that he might not show up straight (with me he didn’t), after a quick relog and waiting for a minute, he’ll finally appear near the fountain. Accept the quest he gives, it’ll bring you into a three step scenario located on an island infested with murlocs. This scenario is pretty short, but real fun.

I won’t spoil anything, not to ruin the experience. Once you’re done with the scenario, you’ll be sent back to Marcia Chase and she’ll award you with the Underlight Angler!

Now, the real fishing in Legion can begin! You can upgrade the artifact by catching the same rare fish as for “Bigger Fish to Fry”. These rare fish will stop giving fishing xp from now on and will give artifact power instead. Also, don’t do like me and head out to your class order hall for upgrading this epic fishing pole! The artefact forge is the pearl at the Dalaran fountain. There, you can upgrade your pole.

Fishing certainly became more interesting in this expansion. I haven’t started upgrading my “Underlight Angler” yet. I wonder how long it will take.

Meanwhile, happy fishing!

The Brutes are back in town

Yes, you’ve read that right, we’re back! After a very long break from our blog, The Brutes have finally returned.

The last post we’ve made about WoW dates from the 6th of April 2015. After that, we started playing on and off, without posting anything about our adventures.

It all started in 2014, when we made a huge move to Brussels. We had bought a new construction appartment and Sisqi had changed her job. Little did we know about all the problems that were awaiting us. The first year was all about the moving and fixing the poorly executed works.

When finally we thought that we would be settled in, a huge catastrophe happened to the appartment. No, we won’t go into detail, we prefer to turn the page on this plumbing nightmare.

We ended up being relocated from one airbnb place to another for months. Moving around huge PCs wasn’t an option since we don’t own a car. As a result, we couldn’t game for a long time (which seemed like an eternity).

In the summer of 2016, we finally moved back to our place. Unfortunately, it took us longer than we thought to settle back in. But what matters is that we’re back, and we won’t give up anytime soon!

John Wick 1 & 2

Try to read what follows with a big voice, like in an action movie trailer:

  • Episode 1 – He was the ultimate killer, but he retired. Until the day they stole his car and killed his dog. He’s angry, and he’s on his way to give them the justice they deserve.
  • Episode 2 – He was forced to accept a last contract. And when he did, they betrayed him. He’s angry, and he’s on his way to give them the justice they deserve.

You see why I did a single review for the two chapters of John Wick… I’ll probably update this post, would a John Wick 3 ever come out.

However, the pitch may not be very deep, but the movies are entertaining. We’ve spent two evenings with Keanu, it was too warm to do anything else, and we had fun.

On a side note, it was fun seing Alfie Allen portraying a coward (again) and getting his ass kicked (again).

On a second side note, I spotted a C64 in the second John Wick. Instant bonus point for the movie.


“Four friends on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror.”

That was the synopsis I found on IMDB… Here is my version:

“Four friends encounter a girl who makes a grafiti on their hotel wall before slashing her own throat. By doing so, she calls the Devil, who manifests himself by killing birds in a pool, sticking cuttlery on the kitchen ceiling and making very heavy footsep sounds.”

If that’s what people call “the ultimate horror”, then I’m Gandalf because there is even more horror in The Lord of the Rings.

Funny Games

We’ve watched this movie because it was presented to us as a very violent home invasion. Well, I haven’t seen such a softcore movie in ages… The violent scenes are hidden, not once do you see a person being stabbed or bludgeoned. You hear the screams, you see the blood splatters, but all violence is intentionally hidden.

Not only was it too soft, but it was also too slow. So slow that, sometimes, I wondered if I didn’t hit the pause button by accident. I think that they tried to privilege an ambiance of anguish over violence, but it only ended up being boring and slow.

Carnage Park

Well, what can I say? Another specimen that now belongs on our “10 minute only” shelf. We’ve tried to go further than that, but it was just too unbearable to watch. All I can say is that it looks like a cheap rip-off of a Tarantino film.

My advise is to forget that Carnage Park ever excisted. So, move along now, nothing interesting to see here!