Insidious: The Last Key

During the scene where Elise discovers the hidden suitcases in her old house, I knew that a jump scare was incoming. There I was, sitting in my couch, clinging onto my blanket waiting for it… until the demon jumped out of the suitcase in stead of from behind it and nearly gave me a heart attack… well played!

Insane in the Membrane

After many Sundays (and when we say many, we mean many) spent killing Goblins, Pirates and Murlocs, we finally made it, we’ve lost our sanity (what little we had)!


Even if I’m used to grind, the last part of the achievement Insane in the Membrane took it to another level. Pickpocketing thousands of Murlocs on the Isle of Quel’Danas really took a piece of my sanity away.

I remember that Sunday afternoon when Sisqi and I ventured to Booty Bay to see how hard it was to kill the guards… I don’t know how many hundreds of hours we’ve spent working on that title since then, but one thing is certain, I’ll wear that title until my last day in WoW.

Below is the video of when I completed the achievement, I wanted to make sure I’d never forget that moment.


I remember how it all started, a few years ago, with killing thousands of Goblin guards in Booty Bay. It was quite the massacre and, for a long time, we couldn’t enter any Goblin outpost without being attacked by the green little fellows.

When I got exalted with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, I knew that there was no way back, I just had to get the title “The Insane”. I think that this was my greatest ambition throughout the entire game and, yesterday, we finally made it.

I think that Blizzard knew exactly what they were doing when they chose the name of this achievement. Pickpocketing Murlocs for 34 hours (yes, 34! I’ve kept track of time) took grinding to another level. I think that you must, indeed, be insane in the membrane to be able to complete it.

It’s by far my most favourite achievement in WoW, and I’ll be wearing my new title with pride until the end of time.


Friday afternoon, I was talking with my workmate about Doom (it’s ok to slack when it’s almost week-end). Normally, we don’t play the same games, he’s a Playstation guy and I’m a PC gamer. Although, the discussion shifted to something we both have in common: our first contact with the Doom franchise. We both bought our first PC to play Doom II, it was a 486DX2 66Mhz with a Soundblaster 16. I believe that this story is common to a lot of gamers of my generation…

So, when it comes to playing Doom, it’s more than just launching the latest shooter, it’s almost religious. That’s why I didn’t play it earlier, I never found the right week-end to give it the time it deserved. Now that things were finally more quiet, I finally could jump in my space-marine suit and travel to Mars.

As usual, I’m not gonna review the game. All I can say is that the latest Doom is, to me, the crown-jewel of the serie. I love the way you can customize your gameplay by enhancing your weapons and your armor. The mini-challenges to get the runes were also a blast. The weapon I had the most fun with was the heavy assault rifle, equipped with the scope. Omg, demon heads have popped!

While Mars is already amazing, Hell was where I had the most fun. The landscapes are gorgeous and, like my workmate says: “now, we’re going to the party!”.

I’m very happy about the arcade mode because I’m not nearly done with this game!