Warning, this movie isn’t so much about surviving a zombie apocalypse than it is about the fight between Aboriginals and evil white men. Seriously, the very few zombies we get to see are only there to give a flavor to the movie, while the real danger comes from the cruelty of a man (which becomes a tiring cliché).

Kudos to the movie for showing me my first Aboriginal zombie though… All in all, the movie isn’t too bad, just don’t watch it if you’re tired, you might not see the end.


Riverdale is not a town I’d like to live in, it’s filled with criminals, backstabbers and bullies. Yet, the comic book style of the show makes it very enjoyable to watch and it has filled many of our Saturday pasta evenings with joy and laughter… So, if I had to live in that town, what would be the things I would enjoy doing?

1. I wouldn’t get licked by Veronica (I’m happily married, you sick perverts!), but I would eat milkshakes until it runs out of my nose. Pop’s is the best place in the entire show.

2. I would join the South Side Snakes, their jacket is so cool. Seriously, I always wanted a perfecto but I could never find one that doesn’t look or too new or too cheap.

3. I would practice bow shooting with Cheryl Blossom. Not for Cheryl (again, I’m married!), but because bows are the only Dungeon & Dragons weapons that is a real thing in this world. Even though, I recently read that axe throwing is becoming a thing.

4. I would spend my days at the whyte wyrm, playing Mortal Kombat. I don’t know a single bar in my whole town with a MKII arcade cabinet anymore, or any arcade cabinet at all. It makes me sad.

5. I tried to find a fifth thing but I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it at four.

The Rain

A workmate advised me to watch The Rain. He told me that it was the “Swedish Walking Dead”. The next day, I told him that it was Danish, he answered “it’s the same”. He also thought that the girls weren’t cute, adding “they must have searched all the fjords to find them, because girls are all cute around there”. There aren’t many fjords in Denmark, I’m pretty sure he was talking about Norway… At that point, I can only hope that he was trolling me.

Super Dark Times

We’ve watched Super Dark Times yesterday evening and we had a super good time. The movie takes time to set up a disturbing ambiance, then moves to a powerful ending.

If I’d have to remember two things from the movie, the first one would be how frustrating it was to see Zach always so close to kiss Allison but never reaching her lips. It made me want to jump on Sisqi and to kiss her furiously.

The second thing is the dialogue taking place in Meghan’s room. I’ve made a little collage to illustrate it:

Some things you should never say to a nerd with a sword…


A goth girl is angry against her mum, she invokes a demon to kill her, but she very soon regrets. When you think about it, it’s not far from the scenario of Backcountry. So, why didn’t it work in Pyewacket? Maybe because a drama between a teen girl and her mum is much more boring than watching a dude screwing up his wedding proposal, or maybe because a weak demon scene is less intense than a dude being eaten alive by a bear in front of his girlfriend…