Magic is Might

One of our traditions is that, when we are sick, we do a Harry Potter marathon. Last weekend was one of those moments… While we were watching this fantastic serie, I realised that we never wrote a post on our blog. So, here we go!

Sixteen years ago, Gamrok got rewarded the DVD of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone after winning a contest in the local newspaper. I remember that it was during the first month we lived together. One year later, we got married and bought all the HP books in both languages (Dutch and French) with the gift certificates we received from Gamroks’ workmates.

In the mean time, I think that I must have read all books over 3 times by now. Once you’ve known the coziness of the wizarding world, it’s hard to come back to reality ;p

Here are some of my favourite things throughout the serie:

  • Teacher: Professor Slughorn;
  • Classes: herbology and potions;
  • Food: anything from the dining tables in the great hall (always makes me hungry);
  • Holidays: Christmas & Halloween in Hogwarts;
  • Places: Hogwarts, the Burrow and Hogsmeade around Christmas;
  • Movie / Book: The Half-Blood Prince (second is The Prisoner of Azkaban);
  • Shop: Weasleys’ Wizzard Wheezes and Honeydukes;
  • Spell / Curse: Imperio;
  • House: Slytherin of course! I would have a cat as a pet and my patronus would be a moose.

Now we are in 2018 and I have so many great memories of all the Harry Potter moments we’ve shared… We’ve been to several midnight openings to get the latest novels, we’ve watched all the movies several times at the theatre (except the first one, which we’ve only seen on TV), we’ve done reading marathons, we’ve gotten a subscription at Pottermore where we were both sorted in house Slytherin, we’ve been collecting quite a lot of goodies, we’ve been to the exposition in Brussels and, most important of all, we’ve visited the Warner Bros Studios in London.

Our trip to London is the one that I’ll cherish the most. I’ll never forget walking around in Diagon Alley and the great hall, visiting Hagrid’s house, watching Gamrok drink a butterbeer (I’m lactose-intolerant), having our pictures taken while flying the Weasleys’ enchanted car or Gamrok pushing me forward when the tour guide asked whose birthday it was (so I got to open the doors to Hogwarts),…

Here are some pictures of our trip to the WB Studios:

For more of our pics, check out our gallery on Imgur.

Writing this makes me realise how much I love the world of Harry Potter. After all these years I still have butterflies. J.K. Rowling created something magical and I’ll always be grateful for that. Next month Fantastic Beasts 2 will be playing in the theatres. I’m already looking forward to this moment. Even though it isn’t the same, it’s a part of the HP universe which means that I am hyped like hell.

Farewell, Telltale Games

When Sisqi first read Telltale’s statement on Twitter, we couldn’t believe it. It was nearly bed time and we almost couldn’t sleep as we were baffled by this tragic news.

We’ve been playing Telltale games since the release of the first season of The Walking Dead and we were absolute fans of the style they had developed. We’ll always be grateful to Telltale for blowing back life into the adventure games genre.

Many of our holidays at home have been filled with their stories. We remember the laughs in Tales of the Borderlands and the Sundays with Game of Thrones, but it’s with The Walking Dead that we have the fondest memories. We’ve seen Clementine grow and become the badass she was in the last seasons and it greatly saddens us to think that we won’t get to see the end of her adventure. I highly recommend reading this Tweet from Melissa Hutchinson.

While we’re grateful to Telltale Games for all the fun they brought to us, we’re also really angry that their management took so many wrong decisions during the last years. All was fine when they had 3 or 4 franchises, and everything went to hell when they decided to spread their ressources between too many titles.

But what’s done is done. We just can’t believe that they didn’t know sooner that they were about to close the doors. The Walking Dead was the franchise that made them what they became and leaving the fans in the full middle of a season seems highly unethical to us.

So it’s with mixed feelings that we see Telltale go. Clem will always be hanging on our office wall, but it’s with sadness and bitterness that we’ll be looking at her…