Dragonflight Global Release

We’re only a few hours away from the global release of WoW’s 9th expansion, Dragonflight. For Brussels, the exact time is: November 29th at 12am. So, tomorrow evening, we’ll be camping the docks of Stormwind from 11.00pm, waiting for the boat the take us to the Dragon Isles.

This is probably the most exciting moment in a WoW player’s life: being part of a huge crowd (and I mean huge, we’ll post screenshots) counting down to the opening of a new world filled with new adventures, knowing that millions all over the planet are doing exactly the same. No other game can reach this level of excitement! What a great time to be a WoW player!

Baa`l – The Secret Demonic Goat

When your blog and your guild are both named “Angry Goat”, you have to get this battle pet, and that’s exactly what we’ve done today.

The entire process is actually quiet lengthy but very fun to complete. Once again, we have the WoW secret finding community to thank for having discovered it.

We may have roamed Azeroth in every directions and defeated Baa’l, but it’s a little girl named Uuna who did the hardest part: removing the goat’s shield so we could battle it.

However, before being able to face Baa’l, Uuna had to be empowered, which is another WoW secret where you have to find, summon and save her. Her story line is pretty dark, you have to bring her back from death through a grim scenario where her soul is about to be eaten by monsters. But it’s totally awesome because:

  • 1. She’s one of the cutest characters in the game;
  • 2. She’s your key to obtain the cutest goat ever!

WoW secrets are fun and bring an incredible depth to the game. Also, more goats is a good thing.

Last Week-End of Shadowlands

Two years ago, we were excited for the launch of Shadowlands. Just like now, the holiday season was starting and we were about to receive the greatest gift a WoW player can wish for (after incincible): an expansion for Christmas.

There have been highs and lows, but the overall feeling is very positive. We’ve played more during this expansion than we have with any other before. We’ve completed every single meta achievement in the game and we’ve even reached the end of the Twisting Corridors.

Revendreth was our favorite zone… It’s crazy how, after 16 years, they could still create a zone with such a distinct feeling. Big thumbs up to the creative people at Blizzard.

We had a blast in Thorgast, it was probably our favorite expansion feature of all times.

While we enjoyed the covenants, it would have been better if they wouldn’t have been connected to the character power, so we could have enjoyed the 4 campaigns with our main characters instead of having to use alts.

Of course, the Shadowlands aren’t gone and there’s still many achievements, pets and mounts to collect… But in a few days, Theotar and his friends will be history, even if its a history that we’ll gladly revisit.

Dragonflight Hype

The new expansion releases on the 29th and it looks amazing! But, before we can roam the skies of the Dragon Isles, there’s still a lot to do in Shadowlands. We also have to reserve a day to do what’s to be done before each new expansion: cleaning our bags, our banks and the guild bank.

The Search For A New Main WoW Character

For a few months, we’ve been using most of our gaming to decide which class could replace our Hunters as main characters. Here’s a little break down of our research:

Elemental Shaman: You like casting Chain Lightning? No? Well, too bad because you have to cast it 12263737 times/hour which makes it very dull.

Balance Druid: The spec we’ve tried the most. It could have been nice… Wouldn’t it be for eclipse! We both get very nervous after a few hours keeping track of the short duration dots, the full moon and the mushrooms, the astral energy and the right eclipse. I thought that it would all become muscle memory, instead we just got a huge headache.

Shadow Priest: In dungeons, in raids or in the open world, the game has become an AOE fest. So, having to use Mind Sear and multi-dotting as main AOE abilities easily becomes boring. Too bad, we really enjoyed this one.

Destruction Warlock: The lack of mobility, in and out of combat is very frustrating. Burning Rush isn’t enough.

Gamrok & Sisqi with the pre-launch appearance

All those hours spent trying other classes were kind of hard and they made us realise how much we enjoy our BM hunters. I guess that using the same rotation (give our take a few minor changes) for a decade becomes a bit old at times, but it remains the most fun for almost every aspect of the game. So, we’ll keep maining our hunters in Dragonflight. At least, it cleared out all the doubts that we might have had.

WoW’s 18th Anniversary

Happy Birthday to the best game ever created! I’ve been playing it for more than 16 years and I can’t imagine a world without it anymore. Sharing my adventures in Azeroth with Sisqi is also one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

It’s been a hard year for WoW, trying to keep going through all the bad press around Blizzard. However, it remains the best MMO ever made.

he celebratory event could have been fun, wouldn’t it be for those damn dragons that chain stun us until oblivion. So, event complete, let’s move on.

Dragonflight’s Pre-Launch

The first phase unveiled the new talent trees which are great but we’ll only get to experience the real thing when we’ll be 70 and geared. That phase was filled with classes and specs experiments (hundred of hours).

The second phase got us really hyped for Dragonflight. We’ve created two Drachtyr (even though we don’t plan on playing it) and we went through their starting zone. It was really fun and it gave us a taste of the Dragon Isles which look awesome!

Courtesy of Sisqi, our resident mayhem photographer

The pre-launch event is also pretty great, we especially enjoyed the revisited version of Uldaman and the huge chaos surrounding hundreds of players simultaneously farming the primal invasions. Is it me or it feels less laggy than Shadowland’s pre-launch event?

Anyway, we still want to complete a few achievements and collections before next Tuesday, so back to work (in a peon’s voice)!

We’ll be there!

That’s right, we’ve done it! We’ve purchased Dragonflight.

At first, we were really not hyped, the announcement was underwhelming (those scripted discussions around a table, yuk!), the Drachtyr looked (and still do) ugly and we didn’t catch anything exciting.

During the last months, we’ve learned more about the new zones, dragon flying, the extra mat stash, the new UI and the return of the Kalu’aks. Now, the hype is real.

Also, don’t think that we could ever skip a World of Warcraft expansion, especially if it’s set to be released by the end of the year. Christmas trees and new stories really make the best time of the year.

See you in the Dragon Isles!

A Promotional Week-End

If you didn’t see the 50 millions Proto-Drakes flying around, then you probably still don’t know about the free mount offered to your retail account if you create a Death Knight on a Classic server and walk him through the starting scenario.

We did it together and, while we were doing it exclusively for the mount, we had a ton of fun following Arthas’ commands, killing innocent people, stealing horses and torturing crusaders, a real blast from the past!

Look at us, all proud on our Frostbrood Proto-Wyrms!

While it made us very nostalgic of our favourite expansion, I don’t think that we could go through it all over again. The past is the past and I would be afraid to spoil a perfect memory. Also, we love what retail has become and we’re both looking forward to Dragonflight.

On Saturday evening, we’ve also connected our Twitch accounts to our Amazon Prime and Battle.net to get the Crown of Eternal Winter for free. So many blue/white transmogs could benefit from that awesome crown, we didn’t want to let it pass.

Dark Iron Dwarves

Last week, we wanted to test the Elemental spec, but the only high level shamans that we have are Dark Iron Dwarves. The spec didn’t really work well for us, but the race was so awesome that it became impossible to go back to our Blood Elves.

After a few days of hesitation, we finally changed our main characters’ faction, joined the Alliance and became Dark Iron Dwarves.

We already wanted to change our hunters’ race for a few weeks. We both tried Orcs, but it was too bulky. I tried Goblin, but I really didn’t have the click. Finally, we went back to Blood Elves but we really weren’t happy… After a few minutes as Dark Iron Dwarves, we knew that we had made the right choice. We’ve had a blast the entire week-end!

Now, we need to find a new server because Draenor is almost exclusively Horde and it’s not easy to tag mobs when you’re the only one from the Alliance. The most Alliance populated European server is Silvermoon. I think that we would jump there without hesitation, but I ‘m not sure that it’s a good idea to choose a full server before a release. The other option is to go to Argent Dawn, where the queues will probably be shorter, but it’s a bit too quiet there lately.

Decisions, decisions,…

Fuck Summer!

Summer sucks! It’s too warm to do anything and we’re more than tired to binge while waiting for the heatwaves to pass. Fortunately, last week-end was fresher and we could game again. We enjoyed our second round of fated raids, we ran through 5 Timewalking dungeons and we completed a few achievements.

While waiting for rares to spawn in The Maw, we started to play with our Christmas toys, it was amazing. Take that, crappy season, it’s Winter when we say it is!

Now, the sun is back and I hope that we’re facing our last 30°C week for the year, it’s been too long!

Taming All the Pets

This week, after crossing a very cool Goblin Hunter who was running with Stinky at his side, I realized that I couldn’t tame all the pets in Azeroth. I don’t know how this happened, but I completely forgot about the existence of the taming tomes.

After running the macros below, I noticed that I was still missing Gargons, Cloud Serpents and Blood Beasts.

/run for k,v in pairs({['Blood Beasts']=54753,['Undead']=62255,['Cloud Serpents']=62254,['Gargon']=61160})do print(format('%s: %s', k, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and '\124cff00ff00Yes\124r' or '\124cffff0000No\124r')) end
/run for k,v in pairs({['Direhorns']=138430,['Mechanicals']=205154,['Feathermanes']=242155})do print(format('%s: %s', k, IsPlayerSpell(v) and '\124cff00ff00Yes\124r' or '\124cffff0000No\124r')) end

Here is the lists of all the tomes and where to find them (from Wowhead):

The first new pets that I tamed were Stinky and Precious from Icecrown Citadel. After taming these magnificent pets, I continued to the Lich King and he dropped a Drudge Ghoul, yay!

Zen as an Orc

Ever heard the expression “Zen as an Orc”? No? Me neither. It’s because such a thing doesn’t exist or didn’t exist… If you would have told me, a few years ago, that I would join the Night Fae with Gamrok, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet, my time with the forest folks was entertaining and relaxing.

I don’t have much more to say about it, I only needed an excuse to post this amazing screenshot.

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