Where are you from?
We live in Belgium.

How old are you?
We were both born in the seventies… Time flies when you’re having fun.

Are you a couple?
Yes, we got married in 2003.

When did you start playing World of Warcraft?
Gamrok started playing in March 2005 and Sisqi joined him in 2010.

Did you always play on the same faction?
We’ve experienced both sides. We’ve sometimes spent an entire expansion in the Alliance, then moved to the Horde for another expansion.

Horde or Alliance?
Looking back at all these years, we can safely say that, while we enjoy both sides, it’s with the alliance that we have the most fun, that’s where we feel home. After all, that’s where we both started our adventure. So, for the Alliance!

Is WoW the only game that you play?
Well, it is our main game, we even consider it as our second home (sometimes even our first, lol). But we also play hack’n slash like Diablo and Path of Exile. We also enjoy a few Nintendo games during the summer, when it gets too warm to stay in our gaming room with our two big PCs.

Show us you mains!

What else do you enjoy in life?
We watch a lot of TV (mostly fantasy, science-fiction and horror). We also enjoy long walks together and we are great fans of Italian food. Sisqi enjoys crafting, especially crochet while Gamrok prefers more technical hobbies like coding (this theme, for example) or electronics. We also both enjoy comic books like Sweet Tooth and Locke & Key.

Why is there no advertisements on your blog?
Because we have jobs to pay our bills, we don’t need to spoil our blogging experience with annoying ads on every page.

Your English isn’t perfect!
English isn’t our first language. While we do our best, we’re not grammar maniacs.

Empire or Rebel Alliance?
Star Trek.