My PvP adventures in Legion

Before Legion came out, PvP had never been a big priority of mine. I usually give it a try at the end of an expansion when my to-do list becomes shorter and real PVP’ers are much more geared. Which means that I was standing no chance in any battleground or arena. It always leads to a certain frustration that makes me give up on this part of the game.

In Legion, however, the entire PvP system has changed. First, you’re less dependent on your ilevel. Second, there is this whole new system with Honor talents and Prestige which grants really nice rewards.


Each time you earn 50 Honor ranks, you hit another level of Prestige. By working your way through the first 50 Honor Levels, you unlock your talents. These will remain permanently. After that, each Prestige level will reward you with pets, mounts, achievements,…

I first thought that it would be impossible to get anywhere with this system when you’re not a hardcore PvP’er. It levels pretty slow despite the decent amount of Honor you gain with the PvP World Quests. Like I’ve said before, I may have started very late in this expansion, so I’m only Prestige level 2.

Now, seen from a big PvP’ers perspective, it must be well paced. If this is all you do in the game, you want to take your time and enjoy each minute of leveling your Prestige. Things that are done in the blink of an eye are too short to truly enjoy, right?

Something I really love are the new Honor talents. My favourite is most definitely the “Dire Beast: Basilisk”. You summon this very slow Basilisk that does quite a fair amount of damage. He’s huge and pretty funny because he arrives with an attitude like: “ok, ok, I’m coming, hold your horses”. I tried to pick up another talent, but I just couldn’t get rid of him. I guess that I love to have an entire zoo around me. The more, the merrier!

World Quests

The first time I saw PvP World Quests, I had no clue on what they were about. I remember one day, arriving by accident at a Warden Tower Assault… I ran out of there like my pants were on fire, not knowing what it was about.

Once Gamrok and I decided to check out what these quests were about, we discovered how much fun they are. A few weeks later, we’ve become the two unstoppable brutes in both arenas and Warden Tower assaults. My favourite quests being the Black Rook Rumble and the Bareback Brawl.

While doing the Bareback Brawl, I stumbled upon this rare dragon… I started killing it, and at a certain point he submitted to me and I could fly around on his back, using these really cool abilities. It also came with an achievement, which are always more than welcome ^^

One of my first times in the Black Rook arena, I was being ganked by a Rogue… I died one second after each jump down, over and over again… the frustration *grumbles*. I’ve been chatting with Mr. Rogue afterwards and it turned out to be a nice guy who was just having some fun. Granted, too many people see these WQ’s as PvE events. What’s the fun in that… right? Now, it’s Gamrok and me who are doing the exact same thing. Not that I’m any good at PvP, but it’s quite funny seeing all those people flee/disappear upon our arrival with a “oh no, not these two again”. Not that I like to be anyone’s living nightmare *evil grin*.

On a funny note: upon your arrival at a Warden Tower Assault, Lady Sylvanas says: “Greymane’s forces hold this Warden tower. Break their ranks! Show no mercy!” I always understood: “Break their LEGS! Show no mercy!”. Until I repeated her out loud one day and Gamrok started laughing so hard… “What a Warchief we have, breaking all our enemies legs” xD So, “breaking legs” it became… we still laugh about this one.

PvP Brawls

I had read that there wouldn’t be any new battlegrounds in Legion, but that they would intoduce other versions of the existing ones instead. The first PvP Brawl I tried was the Warsong Scramble.

The only difference between the Scramble and the original Warsong Gulch is that there are three flags intead of one. I had so much fun doing this, it was the only thing I did that entire weekend. This is, by far, my most favourite Brawl. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in my role as flag carrier that I forgot to take any screenshots. I’ll never forget that beautiful weekend though.

Another one I really loved was the Arathi Blizzard. Not so much for the experience, but for the snowy landscapes. Snow always makes up for a lot of things…

Anyway, I’m a big fan of these PvP Brawls, and I sincerely hope that they will go on in this direction.

This is the first expansion that I enjoy PvP this much. There are goals to achieve, which counts a lot for me. When I play my character, I love to have the feeling that I’m working towards an aim. Thanks to the new PvP system, I’ve finally found that aim.

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  1. Alunaria 5 years agoAug 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    What a great post!
    I am slowly making my way to Prestige Rank 2 too, but I do the PvP WQs far too little…Oh well, on with the show.

    Amg, Feathermanes! TWO! No need to read the rest of this post, best post ever!


    Ooh, that is a neat Honor talent, a Basilisk that can talk? 😉

    Wow! I spy with my little eye a gorgeous edited screenshot…

    How cool with that dragon, I always wondered about that achievement.

    Hmm, a nice guy, that ganks? Something is wrong there…

    It’s nice to do them with a friend for sure 🙂 I always bless my Shadowmeld-get out of combat-then instant flight form-button…

    Haha, nice. So THAT is what Sylvanas is busy doing right now?!

    I adore the PvP Brawls, most of all, the Arathi Blizzard one. Stunning scenery in there, and I’m sad I missed it the last time. Warsong Gulch was so chaotic and confusing for me, hah.

    I think the Brawls are a great idea to get some life into the older Battlegrounds. I do not think we need any more new Battlegrounds, really, we have a ton already. But that’s just me.

    The new PvP System is quite nice overall, it is a relief, to be able to enter, and not worry that those who are Prestige rank “whatever is the highest” will walk all over you, before you knew what happened.

    Thank you for sharing, and happy fighting out there!

    Pleeeeeeaaase don’t send your Feathermanes to attack me…I wouldn’t know what to do…

  2. Sisqi 5 years agoAug 20, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Thank you so much, Alunaria 🙂

    Hahaha, I knew you’d like the Feathermanes 😉 They are my #1 favourite hunter pet/mount in the game…

    Glad to see that you like the new PvP system as well. It gives the opportunity to EVERY player to enjoy a good fight from time to time ^^ I love it and I really hope that Blizzard will go on in this direction!

    Hahaha, I promise I won’t send my Feathermanes to attack you… Anyway, a good rub on their back and they’ll be your buddy for life 😉

  3. Gamrok 5 years agoAug 20, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Don’t listen to her, feathermanes are very tough and deadly, it took a lot of courage to tame one!

  4. Alunaria 5 years agoAug 20, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    I understand that! Yeah, it’s a good thing for sure, that system; I had no idea until recently that one could work their way up the Prestige ladder that way, so efficiently too.

    N’awww, I shall backrub him and he shall be mine, and I shall call him Balto and he shall be my Balto! Come heeere, Squish- Oh, Balto!

  5. wrathsome 5 years agoAug 21, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Nice report. I think that there must be a LOT of players who have tried pvp in the past and then said, “never again”.
    With their changes it reads like a lot of fun and I hope more players get involved and make it a more popular thing.

  6. Sisqi 5 years agoAug 23, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you, Wrathsome 🙂

    I would love to see PvP getting more popular again… what I wouldn’t give to do a “For the Horde” kind of thing with a huuuge ton of people… I miss these kind of events.

  7. Briteyes 5 years agoAug 25, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Thanks for the post! Looking forward to the next awards/achieves.. yesterday, I reached level 1 Prestige, but today, no PvP quests available at all.. you no anything about this, or is it just random? I have never had a day without em. Thanks for the posts, keep up the great work.

  8. Sisqi 5 years agoAug 27, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Thank you Briteyes 🙂

    Hmmm, no PvP quests available at all? That’s strange… The only possible reason (that I know of) is if you’ve completed your PvP WQ’s after midnight… This would mean that you’ve completed them for that day. They’ll normally reset and new ones will appear the next day after midnight.

    I hope that meanwhile you’ve had some new available PvP quests. If not, I advise you to send a ticket…

    Thanks for visiting and good luck on leveling your Prestige 🙂

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