Season 17 Monk Levelling

This post is a collection of advices from various sources (Icy Veins & TeamBRG). The tables show where to equip the skills if you play Diablo 3 on a PC, but the build can also be use for any version of the game.

A few tips

  • Start the game on Hard difficulty;
  • Once you reach level 8, craft a blue 2H axe. Then at level 16, craft the highest possible 2-handed axe you can to significantly increase your damage output. Don’t forget to “train” your Blacksmith to its highest possible level as often as you can. And occasionally check for craftable axe;
  • Red gems (Ruby) should always be combined as much as possible as it’s the best gem to put in BOTH your Helmet and Weapon during the leveling up phase. Green gems (Emerald), for additional Dexterity, go into any other open socket;
  • Get Leoric’s Crown, but not before level 23. It means that you shouldn’t kill him at all before you reach that level. Once you have the crown, slot it with the highest red gem you can combine and use it until level 70;
  • Use the Templar as follower as soon as possible;
  • The best skills of the Templar are all the skills on the left.

The levelling route

The table below shows the optimal way to use the skills as they unlock.

Level Slot Skill
1 LMB Fists of Thunder
2 RMB Lashing Tail Kick
4 1 Blinding Flash
6 LMB Fists of Thunder – Thunderclap
7 RMB Lashing Tail Kick – Vulture Claw Kick
9 2 Dashing Strike
10 Passive 1 Fleet Footed
12 1 Blinding Flash – Self Reflection
13 1 Exploding Palm
13 Passive 1 Exalted Soul
14 3 Cyclone Strike
15 RMB Lashing Tail Kick – Sweeping Armada
15 2 Dashing Strike – Way of the Falling Star
17 LMB Crippling Wave – Mangle
18 1 Exploding Palm – Flesh is Weak
19 4 Mantra of Salvation (auto)
20 Passive 2 Chant of Resonance
21 3 Cyclone Strike – Eye of the Storm
21 4 Mantra of Retribution
25 RMB Wave of Light – Explosive Light
25 1 Exploding Palm – Strong Spirit
27 B Mystic Ally – Water Ally
28 3 Blinding Flash – Replenishing Light
28 4 Mantra of Retribution – Retaliation
30 Passive 3 Seize the Initiative
35 4 Mantra of Conviction – Overawe
38 4 Mantra of Healing – Circular Breathing
39 1 Mystic Ally – Air Ally
46 3 Sweeping Wind – Inner Storm
57 RMB Wave of Light – Pillar of the Ancients

The levelling build

The table below shows the optimal levelling build at level 34.

Slot Skill
LMB Crippling Wave – Mangle
RMB Wave of Light – Explosive Light
1 Mystic Ally – Water Ally
2 Dashign Strike – Falling Star
3 Blinding Flash – Replenishing Light
4 Mantra of Retribution – Retaliation
Passive 1 Exalted Soul
Passive 2 Chant of Resonance
Passive 3 Seize the Initiatvie

How to play the build

Spirit generation is key to this build. WoL is the most expensive skill in the Monk repertoire, learn not to spam to the last man standing! Leave stragglers, use your generators, Templar and Mystic Ally to finish them off. WoL is expensive, man.

Dashing Strike – is the key to leveling up “fast”. This ultra versatile skill helps you re-position and travel. Learn to abuse this early and often as you’ll likely be using this no matter what type of Monk you’ll be playing.

Exploding Palm is the anti-elite skill here, and anti-chunk. Using it can be quite frustrating to learn but it’s worth it.

Mystic Ally-Air Ally: when using this skill, DO NOT wait for your Spirit to be dry. Use it at around half since the earlier you use it, the earlier it will come up.

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