Blizzcon 2019

As just as the stream started, J. Allen Brack walked to the desk alone, no music, no epic introduction, just him in front of the entire Blizzcon. He apologised for the way Blitzchung’s ban had been handled. It probably won’t save Hong-Kong, nor will it prevent the toxic people to continue their tantrum, but do you know many corporations that apologise for the way they handle their business? No, me neither. Also, call me naive, but I had a real feeling during all the panels that the devs were really doing their best to show their commitment and their passion in the most positive way.

Right after that, J. Allen Brack left the scene to make space for the very first cinematic of the evening:

One word: Darker. They’re going back to a darker Diablo, while keeping the fast gameplay of D3. The team is new too, which is probably a good thing. Until now, we’ve watched the first trailer, the first panel and a bit of Bluddshed’s stream from the Blizzcon:

The game looks amazing. Here are the few points I remember from yesterday’s news:

  • You can play everything Solo, but people can freely roam the map together;
  • You can level the way you want, like in a MMO;
  • There are Talent trees;
  • There are mounts;
  • It’s a huge open world with hundreds of dungeons;
  • The colour palette is definitely closer to the one of D2.

By the way, we also know why the Diablo in-game goodies for the Blizzcon virtual ticket owners weren’t announced yet. It’s Lilith wings and they look awesome:

I don’t know how long it will take before the game is released, but they already said that it’ll not be soon (not even Blizzard soon). So, let’s be patient, even if it’s hard not to to get hyped like hell.