Dragonflight Hype

The new expansion releases on the 29th and it looks amazing! But, before we can roam the skies of the Dragon Isles, there’s still a lot to do in Shadowlands. We also have to reserve a day to do what’s to be done before each new expansion: cleaning our bags, our banks and the guild bank.

The Search For A New Main WoW Character

For a few months, we’ve been using most of our gaming to decide which class could replace our Hunters as main characters. Here’s a little break down of our research:

Elemental Shaman: You like casting Chain Lightning? No? Well, too bad because you have to cast it 12263737 times/hour which makes it very dull.

Balance Druid: The spec we’ve tried the most. It could have been nice… Wouldn’t it be for eclipse! We both get very nervous after a few hours keeping track of the short duration dots, the full moon and the mushrooms, the astral energy and the right eclipse. I thought that it would all become muscle memory, instead we just got a huge headache.

Shadow Priest: In dungeons, in raids or in the open world, the game has become an AOE fest. So, having to use Mind Sear and multi-dotting as main AOE abilities easily becomes boring. Too bad, we really enjoyed this one.

Destruction Warlock: The lack of mobility, in and out of combat is very frustrating. Burning Rush isn’t enough.

Gamrok & Sisqi with the pre-launch appearance

All those hours spent trying other classes were kind of hard and they made us realise how much we enjoy our BM hunters. I guess that using the same rotation (give our take a few minor changes) for a decade becomes a bit old at times, but it remains the most fun for almost every aspect of the game. So, we’ll keep maining our hunters in Dragonflight. At least, it cleared out all the doubts that we might have had.

WoW’s 18th Anniversary

Happy Birthday to the best game ever created! I’ve been playing it for more than 16 years and I can’t imagine a world without it anymore. Sharing my adventures in Azeroth with Sisqi is also one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

It’s been a hard year for WoW, trying to keep going through all the bad press around Blizzard. However, it remains the best MMO ever made.

he celebratory event could have been fun, wouldn’t it be for those damn dragons that chain stun us until oblivion. So, event complete, let’s move on.

Dragonflight’s Pre-Launch

The first phase unveiled the new talent trees which are great but we’ll only get to experience the real thing when we’ll be 70 and geared. That phase was filled with classes and specs experiments (hundred of hours).

The second phase got us really hyped for Dragonflight. We’ve created two Drachtyr (even though we don’t plan on playing it) and we went through their starting zone. It was really fun and it gave us a taste of the Dragon Isles which look awesome!

Courtesy of Sisqi, our resident mayhem photographer

The pre-launch event is also pretty great, we especially enjoyed the revisited version of Uldaman and the huge chaos surrounding hundreds of players simultaneously farming the primal invasions. Is it me or it feels less laggy than Shadowland’s pre-launch event?

Anyway, we still want to complete a few achievements and collections before next Tuesday, so back to work (in a peon’s voice)!

Pancakes & Try Outs

It’s Sunday and Sisqi is baking pancakes. That sentence alone makes me happy because pancakes are awesome. Pancakes are life!

This afternoon, we’ll be doing a few tests.

As we’re getting closer to Dragonflight, we’re testing a few classes to replace our long time hunter mains. This afternoon, we’ll be giving another chance to the Druid since the class seems to be in a great shape for the new expansion. Also, we’ve always been Druid fans.

Don’t ask me how it happened, but we actually have two sets of new gaming chairs at home and we have to decide which one we prefer. On one hand, we have the Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022, which is very solid and shows a great quality in its materials but feels very hard on our backs and buts. On the other hand, we have the DXracer Formula F08, which is more comfortable but feels a bit wonky and the armrests aren’t great at all.

Voilà, the pancakes are ready. I’m on my way to food heaven…

Edit 1: The pancakes were delicious!

Edit 2: We’re not sure that we could main Druid an entire expansion. In its present state, certainly not, but everything is about to change on Wednesday with the new talent system. We maybe won’t have to cast Starfire 400 times/hour, which is really mind nuking. So, at the moment, our hunters may very well stay our main characters for Dragonflight.

Edit 3: The Secret Lab chair is harder but the armrests are much better placed and feel softer on our elbows. Also, we’re getting used to the harder backrest. However, both chairs have pros and cons, we need more time to decide.

We’ll be there!

That’s right, we’ve done it! We’ve purchased Dragonflight.

At first, we were really not hyped, the announcement was underwhelming (those scripted discussions around a table, yuk!), the Drachtyr looked (and still do) ugly and we didn’t catch anything exciting.

During the last months, we’ve learned more about the new zones, dragon flying, the extra mat stash, the new UI and the return of the Kalu’aks. Now, the hype is real.

Also, don’t think that we could ever skip a World of Warcraft expansion, especially if it’s set to be released by the end of the year. Christmas trees and new stories really make the best time of the year.

See you in the Dragon Isles!