Baa`l – The Secret Demonic Goat

When your blog and your guild are both named “Angry Goat”, you have to get this battle pet, and that’s exactly what we’ve done today.

The entire process is actually quiet lengthy but very fun to complete. Once again, we have the WoW secret finding community to thank for having discovered it.

We may have roamed Azeroth in every directions and defeated Baa’l, but it’s a little girl named Uuna who did the hardest part: removing the goat’s shield so we could battle it.

However, before being able to face Baa’l, Uuna had to be empowered, which is another WoW secret where you have to find, summon and save her. Her story line is pretty dark, you have to bring her back from death through a grim scenario where her soul is about to be eaten by monsters. But it’s totally awesome because:

  • 1. She’s one of the cutest characters in the game;
  • 2. She’s your key to obtain the cutest goat ever!

WoW secrets are fun and bring an incredible depth to the game. Also, more goats is a good thing.

Pet Battle World Quests: Shadowlands

Since we’re trying to complete each day all the Pet Battle World Quests that award Polished Pet Charms, I have created a page with all the pet battle strategies that Sisqi and I use in Shadowlands. They are not always the most optimal strategies, but they work even with a rooster of not-so-rare pets. So far, all the battles from Shadowlands are covered and I’ll soon add the strategies for BFA. That page is accessible via the “Links” menu located in the brand new top bar of the blog (ooh, shiny).