Vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor

This post is a backup from a guide that was originally posted by Nery on the forums of Grim Dawn. I don’t intend to take any credit out of it, I just reproduced it here for safe keeping reasons. I’d hate to lose it because of some forum pruning.

The guide is of lesser quality than the Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist I posted a few days ago but the build is effective and fun to play. I’ll eventually correct the original text, some day. For the moment, it is exactly as it was originally posted by Nery on the official forums.


Opressor (Oathkeeper+ Necromancer) is one of the new class combos in FG. Usually, when you create a build, you check what resistant reduction both classes have in common.
Both classes reduce vitality resistance of monsters, so it’s good way to start. Further, the Dark One set is fast to farm because it drops from from specific mobs. Also, other items are obtained from factions or can be crafted, with some cheap greens too. This build is excellent for players who have one or two chars and want to go to the next level and farm cool end game gear.
With this leveling guide, it is possible to use this build for a first character. Big thanks to Malawiglenn, the incredible guy who theorycrafted this build and creates so many excellent beginners guides, which I use for point of reference! Thanks also to Cutestory who managed to save my build and ease the process of recovery after the rollback.

Grim Tools

The link to the end game build.

Leveling guide

Ravenous earth + Twin fangs proc is a wonderful combo capable of speed leveling, especially early game. I leveled only self found. This part only shows you my style, you don’t have to follow it! The choices are: side with Death Vigil(mandatory for necro), Barrowholm and Outcast. Cult of dreeg offers the best medal augment and recipe for amulet.


Grim tools link for level 20.

A video of the warden at level 20+ (sorry for the speed).

Start with Necromancer, rush to get Ravenous earth and max it. Before you can reach it, drop a point in skills like fire blast or Bone Harvest.
Put a point in spectral binding and, after that, more in wrath. Start putting points in decay. Early on, try to use an off-hand. Energy consumption is high, so one with energy regen is good. If you find ectoplasm componenent, use it.


Grim tools link for level 40.
Max decay and spectral wrath, push necro mastery to reach siphon souls and mark of torment. After that, start with Oathkeeper. At the begining, put points mainly in
mastery and 1 point in Vire for mobility and Virtue. At the first opportunity do the quest for searching the elder, click to lie and you will keep the amulet foe relic, the proc
is good. If you can craft the relic at level 35, do it. Start to use armor to cover resistances. Chance to get bonespike from mountains.


Grim tools link for level 60.

A video video of the end game boss in normal – level 46. 
Max Oathkeeper mastery, at end of scale two important skills to be maxed. Cover your resistances,this is the priority of gear! Use components for that purpose. Is good if you find
that green medal with mode to RE.


Grim tools link for level 70.

It’s time to play in elite. RE starts to lose some power against bosses,kill trash is still blazing fast. Push necro mastery to level 40 and put points in valuable skills, if you
doing you can try ascension.


Grim toolslink for level 84.

A video from elite log.
10 in torment are must against bosses, they hit hard. Close call against some artherials, but managed to survive. At 70 you can use augments with factions to cover resistances.


Start on Ultimate. Hard grind until you reach level 90 and start to equip some end game stuff.
More leveling tips here.

Level 94

This is version with MI items and faction gear only, before the farming of wonderfull Dark One set: Grim Tools.


Ravenous earth – main damage dealer, dps looks low, but is for single fragment and RE hits with many. Excellent for devotion procing and decay reduces incoming damage.

  • Bone harvest – mediocre skill in this build, but has some value in the rotation.
  • Siphon souls – Vitality attack with healing element and blood boil is nice debuff.
  • Mark of torment – absorb and reflection, agood defensive skill.
  • Vire might – strictly for mobility.
  • Guardians of Empyrion – take them at one point and max celestial presence. With scion of Dreg transmuter they have vitality RR.
  • Ascension – defensive skill with absorb, resistances and offense as well.
  • Passive skills for various purposes – Spectral binding OA and health,Spectral wrath for RR, Virtue for OA and energy regen.
  • Skill rotation – use RE often, against bosses combo of ascension + torment. When RE is on cooldown, use BH and Siphon souls.


Key for any vitality build is to get Rattosh and Dying god, other devotions for stats and utility.

Order for leveling: green-bat-hawk-cande-lantern-remove candle-lion-yellow-vulture-rattosh-blue-sailor’s guide, remove blue-eel-turtle-tower-remove lion, yellow-reddying god. Last 6 points are open for debate. The most defensive option is to bring back lion and bottom row of Menhir.


  • Core here is Dark one set from hidden quest, link for info.
  • Weapon – Bonespike, farmed from trog enemies in some areas, best place is Mountain deeps. Look for vitality damage suffix.
  • Off hand – Barrowholm reputation, look for high cooldown reduction.
  • Amulet – Venomfire, crafting recipe is from cult of Dreeg reputation.
  • Rings – First is Mark of fallen, a common quest reward for killing Log, there is a vendor vitality ring for sub. Second ring is faction one from Coven rep – great OA and DA, reset vendor for better stats.
  • Relic – Mortality, cheap and good, blueprint is from Malmouth resistance rep.
  • Legs – crafted, Bonevald is selling blueprint, look for resistances. Option are Solael pants.
  • Medal – Useful mod for RE, farm from basilisk enemies in act 5.
  • Belt – Recipe is from Barrowholm faction.
  • Boots – Homestead rep.

All crafts are with Angrim, armor boost is priority. All items are used to cover resistances and are flexible, so use components and augments. I have better ones,but use only cheapest possible components and greens, if you have better don’t hesitate to use them. Buy all components blueprints from factions.

End game

Crucible – Is possible to complete 170 in Gladiator, which is the biggest possible challenge in this mode, but is not possible to sustain the tribute cost for farming. You are far better going 100-150 and restart. For no time you will get tons of good gear. Video from 170 run.

Campaign – Dungeons are easy, even with self found gear SoT is farmable, so does Sentinel. With end game build, I killed Mad Queen – one of the biggest challenge in campaign: link to the video. No full facetanking ofc, hilarious video. I will test in future the performance with BiS gear. For
final big thanks to Malawiglenn, again. Enjoy the build, all:)

Current best end game version

I Recently posted a very good vitality Opressor using the Blightlord set – very fast farming build, our ultimate goal: Grim tools.

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